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  • Sheryl Kolby

Top 5 Home Renovation and Repair Projects for New Homeowners

Buying a new house in the Charlotte area? Let's talk about the top 5 remodeling and repair projects homeowners are asking for:

  1. Bathroom Remodel: When you move into a new house, some spaces need to feel new and fresh! The bathroom is a very personal space that you spend a lot of time in getting ready to start the day, and also at the end of the day. Many of our clients feel this is the first remodeling project they want to do when they move in to a new home. Below, our clients really disliked the angle tub, and cheap plastic shower pan (that never really felt clean). So we completely transformed their outdated bathroom into a spa like oasis! Freestanding tub with tub fillers, frameless shower glass, multiple shower heads, pebble tile in the shower floor, and don't forget the 10ft long white shaker dual sink vanities!

2. Structural Repairs: Many times we receive a call from a new homeowner wanting us to review and correctly repair items that were on their home inspection list. We at Kolby Construction, partner with qualified and affordable engineers to ensure all repairs are made to current building code standards. Whether it's a truss repair, footing repair, or lvl that needs to be added for support, we got you covered!

3. New Entry Door & Paint: New homeowner's want to put their personal stamp on their new home, and a new front entry door can make a statement! Whether it's interior or exterior don't underestimate the power new paint can have on the overall aesthetic! Check out the pics below for a huge transformation on the exterior:

4. Kitchen Remodel: Whether you have a large budget for a complete kitchen remodel or a modest one that will allow you to paint your cabinets, change the countertops/hardware, we can help make it feel new to you! Can you tell which project below was the modest project where we painted the cabinets and changed the countertops only?

5. All Home Repairs/Projects: When you move into a new home, there is always something you want to change! Whether it's the interior doors, exterior doors, painting, flooring, adding a deck or screen porch. Whatever the project may be, our team at Kolby Construction is ready to assist with all your home repair/renovation needs!

If you are a new homeowner in the Charlotte NC area, and are ready to put your stamp on your new home, contact Kolby Construction today to get started!



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